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Clickfine® pen needles with patented click-on technology simply click-on diabetes pens, making diabetes care one step easier. They're Swiss made in four sizes for a custom fit and provide maximum comfort and reliability. You can find Clickfine pen needles at pharmacies nationwide - and under major retail brands, too!

Whether you have type one diabetes or type two diabetes, if you inject insulin or another medication with a diabetes pen, now there's a special design benefit to consider when determining which pen needle is best for you. With Clickfine pen needles, you can choose to attach your pen needle with a fast, easy click, instead of traditional twists and turns. You hear the 'click' and know you've got a sure fit.

When it comes to injecting insulin and other medications with ease, comfort and reliability, the pen needle you use can make a big difference.

Universal Click

Pen Needle Tip

Clickfine pen needles give you:

  • Quick and easy handling, just click to attach
  • Compatibility with diabetes pens
  • Precision, tri-beveled and polished needle tips for maximum injection comfort every time
  • Proven preference for its 'click-on' feature by educators and people with diabetes, and great for children too.
  • Substantial savings over other national brand
  • Coverage by most health insurance plans that cover pen needles
  • An auditory click to let you know the needle is securely attached - especially helpful for people with visual or dexterity impairment

Exercise and Injecting
If you plan on strenuous physical activity shortly after injecting insulin, don't inject in an area affected by the exercise. For example, if you plan to play tennis, don't inject into your racquet arm or if jogging, don't inject into your thighs. Exercise can increase circulation to the injection site and speed up insulin absorption.
Rotate Injection Sites
To avoid damaging your skin, rotate injection sites each time you inject. Repeated needle injections into the same site can create hardened tissue or fatty deposits called lipohypertrophy.
Safely Dispose of Sharps
When you're done with your pen needle, remove it from your pen and make sure to put it in a sharps container. It's important to learn how to safely dispose of sharps in your local area.
Be Prepared for a Low
If you inject insulin, you are likely to experience hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Correcting hypoglycemia immediately is important. So, carry glucose tablets with you wherever you go to be prepared to correct a low. Glucose tablets act quickly, are pre-measured, have no fat or caffeine, and are the preferred way to correct lows according to the American Diabetes Association.
Choose the Right Pen Needle Length
Selecting the right pen needle length helps ensure a subcutaneous injection, injecting the medication into the subcutaneous tissue under your skin, for proper medication absorption. Your healthcare professional can recommend a needle length that is right for you.
Take the Sting Out of Insulin Injection
If you use alcohol to clean the injection site, allow it to completely dry before injecting. This will also help lessen the pain when using a lancing device on your fingers or other areas for testing your blood glucose.
Carry Your Diabetes Supplies With You
When you're on the go, the last thing you want to worry about is your diabetes supplies. Put your mind at ease and use a compact diabetes case to conveniently carry your supplies and protect them from damage. Include your diabetes pens, pen needles, glucose meter, test strips, lancing device, lancets, alcohol swabs and glucose tablets to correct a low.
Make Insulin Injections Into Fatty Tissue
Insulin should be injected into areas of fatty issue. The recommended sites are the abdomen, the backs of arms, the top and sides of the thighs and the buttocks. Talk with you healthcare team about the best areas for you.
Avoid Some Areas When Injecting
Do not inject in areas of scar tissue, areas around your navel, or areas with broken blood vessels, varicose veins or any bruises. Scar tissue may interfere with absorption.
The Right Timing
When injecting with a diabetes pen, inject slowly and hold the pen in place for a few seconds after the insulin or other medication is injected. This will ensure that all the medication has been delivered.

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